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2018 Films


(Following films will screen in Los Angeles)

“  Adrift  ” Dir. by Cath Le Couteur

On March 17th 1958, Vanguard, the first solar-powered satellite, was launched into space. At that time, space junk did not exist. Now, over one hundred million pieces of human-made space junk orbit the Earth. They include dead satellites, rocket parts, paint flecks, collision debris and more.

“  Blinders  ” Dir. by Edward Klau

When a man is blackmailed into murdering a blind woman, he finds an obstacle he never counted on: he falls in love. The longer he waits, the harder he falls and the tighter the noose gets around his neck.

“  Break My Senses  ” Dir. by Oleg Trofim

Surrounded by ragged walls in the city drenched in rain, we'll create not a manifesto, but poetry, stitched together with moments, where the heartbeats of the adolescent are most evident.

“  Closure  ” Dir. by Micha Linton

After the murder of his sister 20 years ago, Jordan, a reclusive journalist dedicates his life to finding her killer. Following the death of their father his estranged brother, Jamie, is forced to return home to deal with the estate. Jordan seizes the opportunity to convince Jamie that he may have finally cracked the case. But Jordan's futile mission has put a strain on the brothers' relationship and Jamie wants nothing to do with Jordan's unhealthy obsession .

“  Colloidal Croco  ” Dir. by Takashi Yoneoka

Stanley, a male child crocodile living in a zoo, was being attracted to fireworks set off far away on a certain night. But just finding him getting on a fence, Stanno, his father, brought his painful memory back and scolded Stanley severely. The next day, Stanley finally decided to escape from the zoo, with a longing heart for the outside world and rebellion spirit to his father in his mind.

“  I Got The Land  ” Dir. by Francescu Artily

After serving his time in prison for terrorism, a young man goes back home in Corsica. His grand-father just died, giving him his land as an inheritance. Such a place turns into a catalyst for change in his life. The land, his childhood playground, becomes a new experiment field to start over.

“  Maw Kitty  ” Dir. by Ian Lynch

Maw Kitty is bold, proud mature woman, owning her life, her choices (good and bad), her engaging friends, and the weird circumstance in which they find themselves: solving the mystery of a post-coital 'death.'

“  Myson  ” Dir. by Germain Lalot

MySon is a short film, shot in Vanuatu Islands, with a strong message of tolerance, humanity and kindness.

“  Rolling In The Deep  ” Dir. by Marcellus Cox

A Young African American Male travels home to South Carolina looking to achieve a goal for his late Father by having a meal at an locally famous Whites Only Diner.

“  Sanvean  ” Dir. by Elizabeth Yoder, Paul E Allan & Alina Patra

Stuck in an unhealthy grieving pattern, Sanvean’s mother, Margo, has adopted debilitating ways to hold on to memories, which bring her to a breaking point.

“  Suitable  ” Dir. by Thembi Banks

Brandy, a high school tom boy, comes to terms with her sexuality when she decides what she’ll wear to the prom.

“  The Blank Page  ” Dir. by Lou Dubigeon

A young writer fights off the intimidating blank page and others’ fantasies to discover her own voice.

“  Uma  ” Dir. by Alain Maiki

Love, drama and suspense is the main vertex of a beautiful story that enhances the intensity and honesty of true love between Uma (Alexandra Braun) and Leo (Orlando Delgado) from the moment they meet in the coast of Gaeta. An instant chemistry between them will confront struggles and challenges to stay together.

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