NYLA International Film Festival

2018 Films


(Following films will screen in Los Angeles)

“  Battle Buddy  ” Dir. by Lonny Stevens

Many men/women of the Armed Services deal with PTSD today, with very little social insight on their condition. Battle Buddy explores the trauma that Tommy, a homeless vet, is still suffering from as he walks the streets of LA.

“  Bedtime Story  ” Dir. by Kevin Alejandro

A debt-ridden literary agent hatches a plan to turn a lousy writer into a bestselling author.

“  Biarritz Surf Gang  ” Dir. by Nathan Curren & Pierre Denoyel

Surfing in Biarritz in the eighties was to refuse the system. An absolute thirst for pure sensations that could lead to the top of the board or straight to prison.

“  Do The Voice  ” Dir. by Darren Stein

“Do The Voice” is a musical comedy starring Lori Alan as a self-absorbed but lovable 50-year-old famous voice over actress struggling to find true love and relevancy in the unforgiving world of Hollywood.

“  Fleur  ” Dir. by Lee Rudnicki

A little girl (DYLAN) saves the life of an alien fighter pilot (FLOWER). Dylan brings Flower home, into her family's ocean front mansion ... during a reality TV shoot.

“  Flutter  ” Dir. by Vladimir Todorov

FLUTTER is a short animated film about despair, hope and the power of love.

“  Fly A Way In LA  ” Dir. by Vitor Cardoso & Catherine C. Pirotta

Sophie breaks up with Pedro and leaves a message for him written on a dollar bill that makes an unexpected journey through the city of Los Angeles.

“  I Need You  ” Dir. by Gracie Bellissimo

A short film that focuses upon true love versus excessive infatuation.

“  I’m A Man  ” Dir. by Liam Parry

After a nasty little break up, Lucy finds herself living in a new neighborhood, where she meets Cassavetes, a charming and mysterious new suitor. She soon finds that leaving her ex behind isn’t as easy as unpacking her boxes.

“  Keeping Up With The Reapers  ” Dir. by Christopher Game

Mike and Janine are your neighbors. Also, they're Reapers. It's gonna be awkward at the BBQ.

“  Los Angeles To New York: Dwan Gallery  ” Dir. by Carroll Moore

The remarkable career of gallerist and patron Virginia Dwan.

“  Poker Night  ” Dir. by Matt Ritchey

A group of poker players in Hollywood, turn a night of gambling into a prank and end up learning a life lesson when a mysterious letter shows up. Now, they have to figure out who is bluffing and who is really gambling in this test of friendship.

“  The Circle  ” Dir. by Sheldon Schwartz

A street artist reunites with his young son in Depression-era America after the sudden death of the boy's mother; what follows is a night they will never forget.

“  The Federal Empire - I.N.L.Y.F  ” Dir. by Samuel Mcknight

Two lovers reminisce over there break up.

“  The Waltz Of The Monsters  ” Dir. by Gabriele Fabbro

On an Island of people lost in routine, two young dreamers chase a better way of living by setting up a journey to prove the existence of an old legend, only to find themselves stuck as their divergent objectives get on the way.

“  Too Many Women  ” Dir. by Catherine Ventura

Singer-Songwriter, Comedian, and self-proclaimed #SelfieKing Eytan Ribner has too many women in his new music video. Or does he?

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